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Jordan Devey | 65

OT | Memphis | Las Vegas Raiders
Ht: 6065c / 6' 07" | Wt: 317 | Upd: 04/02/2020


Birth Date: 01/11/1988
Age: 32
Original Team: BAL FA
NFL Entry: 13 CFA
NFL Exp: 6
Depth Chart Key: U/KC
Team History: BAL NE SF KC OAK

Player History

05/13 BAL FA
08/13 BAL waived
09/13 NE P/SQ 1-20
01/14 NE FA for 14
08/15 SF trade f/NE
05/16 SF waived
05/16 KC w/claim from SF
09/16 KC waived
09/16 KC P/SQ 1-2
09/16 KC activated 2
11/16 KC waived 9
11/16 KC P/SQ 10-19
01/17 KC FA for 17
09/17 KC T V V
09/17 KC FA
10/18 KC IR 8
03/19 KC UFA
03/19 OAK UFA signed
10/19 OAK IR 5

Ourlads' Profile:

2013 Guide: What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about JORDAN DEVEY: Memphis, 6063 316 5.25. Two-year starter. A developmental player who is still learning the position. Good use of hands, punch, and placement. Played right guard in the Shrine Game. Gives a good effort downfield after his initial block. Controls a pass rusher once he gets his mitts on them. He locks them up and can carry them up the field. Not smooth in pass protection. Will need to become more technique conscious. A developmental tackle or guard who has fringe NFL pro skills but decent measurables and smarts. A late round or free agency prospect that needs more core strength. OSR:31/49. Seventh round/PFA. (A-32 3/4, H-9 5/8, BP-21, 10-1.85).