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Robert Griffin III | 3

QB | Baylor | Baltimore Ravens
Ht: 6023c / 6' 02" | Wt: 223 | Upd: 04/26/2019


Birth Date: 02/12/1990
Age: 29
Original Team: WAS
NFL Entry: 12 01 002
NFL Exp: 6
Depth Chart Key: SF18
Team History: WAS CLE BAL

Player History

03/16 WAS T V V /CC
03/16 WAS UFA
03/16 CLE UFA signed
09/16 CLE IR Broken Bone Left Shoulder
11/16 CLE IR/DFR 12
12/16 CLE activated 14
03/17 CLE T V V/CC
04/18 BAL FA

Ourlads' Profile:

2012 Guide: What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about ROBERT GRIFFIN III: Baylor, 6023 223 4.41. Junior entry. Three-year starter who is a world class track athlete and a polished passer. As in most spread offensive schemes, he throws several horizontal routes, quick hitches, bubble screens, slants, and out cuts. He does, however, throw vertical routes with good timing and accuracy. Drops the ball in the well. Griffin doesn’t hang the ball or throw it up for grabs. Has book and football intelligence. Throws a consistent spiral with a quick 3/ 4 arm release. No hesitation on his delivery or release. Sudden to catch and release the ball from a shotgun snap. Is the master of an up-tempo offense. Quick to read and react to what he sees defensively. Also runs the read option to keep pressure off the passing game. Explosive and disciplined in his play. Consistent and confident to drive the ball down the field and outside the numbers. Completed 72.4% of his passes in 2011. Rare movement skills. Quick feet to sidestep and avoid a rush. Has the ability to make plays on the move right or left, but favors rolling to his right. He can escape with suddenness. Resets his body and feet with balance to make a quick and accurate throw. Creates and extends plays. Offensive coordinator may choose to tailor their offense to Griffin’s skill set. A smooth and effortless athlete with good field awareness. He can hit a target at full speed with anticipation, good timing, and ball placement. Will tunnel in on first receiver at times and get away with it as spread out as defenses are in college. Exploits the cavities in a defense. As a runner he has vision, feel, and elusiveness. A natural runner who is dangerous and slippery in the open field. Durability is a question mark with a torn right ACL in 2009 and a concussion suffered in Texas Tech game in 2011, missing the 2nd half of the game. Bottom line – he doesn’t panic, is determined to stay in the pocket, and can take a hit. Outstanding production. 2011 stats: 291/402, 4293 passing yds, 72.4%, 37 TDs, 6 INTs. OSR:1/15. First round. (A-32 1/4, H-9 1/2, SS-DNP, VJ-39).