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Chad Wheeler | 63

OT | USC | New York Giants
Ht: 6070 / 6' 07" | Wt: 306 | Upd: 04/28/2019


Birth Date: 01/19/1994
Age: 25
Original Team: NYG FA
NFL Entry: 17 CFA
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: CF17
Team History: NYG

Player History

05/17 NYG FA

Ourlads' Profile:

2017 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about CHAD WHEELER: Southern Cal, 6070 306 5.49. Fifth-year senior who has over 40 starts to his name. From Santa Monica, CA. Was named to the second-team All-Pac 12 team last fall. Had a plantar fasciitis injury early in the season. Athletic frame with easy lower body movement and coordination. Very in tune with his body, always appears to be in control. Shows the right blend of patience and aggression. Has a quick set up with repeated technique. Tough and hardnosed. Plays through the whistle. Can block on the move, excels in zone-type run blocking roles. Underdeveloped lower body. Lacks staying power when matched up against bigger defenders. Too easily knocked around and pushed back. Doesn’t control the engagement long enough, won’t sustain blocks. Has a list of injuries teams will need to look in to. Wheeler has some athletic ‘’freak” in him that, with his long frame, could be molded in to an ideal left tackle body. He has a ways to go when it comes to lower body strength, however. Teams will need extra screening on him because of an arrest in December 2015, concussions, and torn ACL in 2014. OSR:40/41. Fifth/sixth round. (A-33 1/8, H-9 1/2, BP-15, 10-1.91).