Ourlads' 2019 NFL Mock Draft Challenge

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eskititt | High Analysis Mock 3.0

Updated: 04/19/2019 3:14PM ET

Round 1
Kyler MurrayQB Oklahoma
Kyler Murray is an intelligent, undersized, athletic QB who has extreme pocket presence and rarely gets sacked, on some occasions that he does it is because the opposition player has not full out blitzed, he has waited a second then darted through a gap. Murray is accurate on short throws, can overshoot on intermediate throws however, Murray has an extremely accurate deep ball. Murray is very accurate throwing on the run. Murray's athleticism gives him the ability to extend plays and get completions when outside the pocket, his height shouldn't affect him too much. Top 20 prospect.
Nick BosaDE Ohio State
Nick Bosa is a combo rushing DE, he regularly beat blockers with either speed, technique or sheer power. He has good tackling technique and whenever he gets in the backfield he usually blows up the play or completes the sack. The only slight question mark is how well he will play off his injury in week 3 of the college season, however that shouldn't be a concern as he is clearly a top 3 prospect.
Josh AllenOB Kentucky
Josh Allen is a decently built speed rushing OLB, his best fit will definitely be a team that runs a 3-4. Allen has shown some coverage skills but is not too proficient in that area. Against the run he waits a little bit then shows good judgement on tackles. Teams would be wise to double Allen as he routinely shows ability to beat his one on one match up, once past his blocker Allen has the necessary speed to complete the sack. Allen needs to develop an inside move to take his game to the next level.Top 5 prospect.
Quinnen WilliamsDT Alabama
The Raiders take the best player available here with Quinnen Williams. Williams is a big sturdy DT who impacts both the run and the pass game. He will play a rotational game with Hurst and Hankins keeping them all fresh. Williams effectively engages with blockers with his hands and uses them to get past the guard or center. Williams wins one on one match ups purely with his hands and his swim move and ability to beat two blockers is almost Aaron Donald like. Excellent player wherever he goes. Top 3 Prospect.
Devin WhiteIB LSU
Devin White is a rangy, fast ILB who is incredibly quick in coverage and when running to the ball. However White consistently struggles to get off blocks and make tackles on running backs. White's tackling technique also leaves much to be desired as he constantly hits way to high up on the body of the runner. Overall with the right teaching at the next level White could become a top ILB. I expect he will plug right in to Tampa Bay's system. Top 5 Prospect.
Rashan GaryDE Michigan
Rashan Gary is a quick, powerful DE who has an explosive first step on passing plays which he uses to often bull rush the QB. Gary has shown some ability to engage with and use his hands when pass rushing but that is a developmental area. Gary is very good against the run, getting off his blocks with ease and making good tackles on the ball carrier. He never seems to give up on the play and will often be seen assisting a tackle at the end of a play. Overall he has a lot of potential but lacks production, could become a star. Top 10 prospect
Jawaan TaylorOT Florida
Jawaan Taylor is a sturdy OT with good body shape for the position. He has good quick foot movement against pass rush, and is solid against the run. He needs to work on using his hands to more effect. Taylor relies on strength to complete the block. He occasionally gets beat when his opponent uses his hands when rushing the QB but usually recovers, However shows good ability to get downfield and make a block on run plays. Overall a good prospect with the fundamentals, Taylor just needs to learn how to use his hand effectively. Top 20 prospect.
Montez SweatDE Mississippi State
Montez Sweat is a speedy, lanky 6'6 DE. He is extremely fast in getting to the ball carrier in the backfield, Sweat also has a nice inside move and uses his hands well to accompany his speed when coming round the edge. Sweat seems to have good football instincts, however he could be better getting off blocks and making tackles on the ball carrier. Overall his speed and talent should translate to the NFL, top 15 Prospect.
Andre DillardOT Washington State
Buffalo doesn't take a receiver here but instead takes a solid OT to shore up the O-Line. Dillard is a big 6'5, 315lbs OT. Dillard has been very proficient for Washington State, being on the field for over 300 pass blocking snaps and only giving up one sack. Dillard has a good kick step and a good low center of gravity and uses his arms well to keep opposing rushers at bay. Dillard could improve in the run game, sometimes letting defensive players get off his block and make the tackle. Top 15 prospect.
Drew LockQB Missouri
Drew Lock is a tall, pocket passing QB. He had very little talent around him at Missouri and that hurt his completion %. But on tape I have seen that he is extremely good at fitting the ball into tight windows and decent while throwing on the run. His receivers drop so many catchable balls which as a result hurt his stats, but once you watch Lock on tape it's a whole different story. Lock is inconsistent with his progressions sometimes, but doesn't lack arm strength. Overall very impressed with what he's done with whats around him. Top 20 Prospect.
Devin Bush Jr.IB Michigan
Ed OliverDT Houston
Ed Oliver is an undersized, strong DT. He uses his strength and talent to blow plays up in the backfield. He has very good awareness and when he senses the QB is about to release the ball and he is not there, he often sticks up a hand to knock it down. I haven't seen much of him using his hands to get past blockers but that can easily be developed by the right coaches at the next level. Overall Oliver is a good power rusher who needs to develop more technique. Top 5 prospect..
Christian WilkinsDT Clemson
Clelin FerrellDE Clemson
AJ BrownWR Mississippi
Cody FordOG Oklahoma
  Giants   f/CLE
Jonah WilliamsOT Alabama
Dalton RisnerOG Kansas State
DK MetcalfWR Mississippi
Byron MurphyCB Washington
Vincent HobbsTE Texas A&M Commerce
Marquise BrownWR Oklahoma
Johnathan AbramSS Mississippi State
  Raiders   f/CHI
Brian BurnsOB Florida State
Josh JacobsRB Alabama
Greedy WilliamsCB LSU
  Raiders   f/DAL
Rock Ya-SinCB Temple
Taylor RappFS Washington
Dre'Mont JonesDT Ohio State
  Packers   f/NO
Noah FantTE Iowa
Dexter LawrenceDT Clemson
Dwayne HaskinsQB Ohio State