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2024 NFL Prospect Rankings: Quarterbacks

Projected Round: 1

Originally attended Arizona State spending three seasons there. An ascending player with an outstanding combination of foot quickness and passing skill. He possesses a strong arm and a lightning quick release to go with uncanny accuracy. His processing skills are the best of the class and he can put the ball in a tight window. He can also create with his feet. Grades high in all aspects of quarterback play. 2024 Heisman Trophy winner.

Projected Round: 1

Thought by many to be the top quarterback in the class in the early going. Williams has the ability to make plays out of nothing and is adept at throwing from different arm slots under pressure. Elite at creating with his feet he is at his best on the move. Has a strong arm with a quick release. Normally accurate he can make all the throws. Has some difficulty processing against multiple coverage and will hold onto the ball too long at times. Lacks ideal height but has elite tools.

North Carolina

Projected Round: 1

Two-year starter, the plus-athlete maneuvers the pocket with normally precise footwork and a sturdy overall base. Flashes accuracy in most throws on the route tree. Scans the field, makes plenty of anticipation throws, and will guide receivers to open space. Strong arm but has some inconsistency in release as he has a tendency to show a low wind release on intermediate and deep throws outside the numbers. This contributes to the wide miss that has hurt his consistency. When he's on he is a playmaker but has bouts of accuracy and footwork lapses. He has the upside to develop into a quality starter but not a finished product.


Projected Round: 1

Playing in a pro-style offense under Jim Harbaugh that was built on a power run game, McCarthy did not have to carry the team week in, week out. His dropback volume and overall need to spray it all over the field did not reach the level of most others at the position. However when he needed to make a play he could. Solid processer in a somewhat limited offense he can play from the pocket. Shows arm strength and velocity and can make touch throws as well as plant the ball in a tight window. Can make plays with his feet and can move in the pocket along with taking off under pressure or if receivers covered. Tends to throw on one plane and not layer the ball when he needs to. That said he has very few flaws showing and could and has the upside and tools of a solid NFL starter.

5. Bo Nix

Projected Round: 1

Five-year starter, transfer from Auburn. A dual threat with strength, speed, and ability to innovate and create outside the pocket. Deep ball prowess and ball protection have immensely improved since his early days. Has shown maturation and improved toughness over the course of an adversity-filled career. Solid arm strength and can make all the throws with touch or velocity. Competitor who can win with different tools. Has not shown skill processing as he has mostly thrown verticals, RPOs and screens. Struggles to find alternate receivers. Has been prone to mental mistakes and will misread and throw into coverage. Needs to show better accuracy on the move and develop ability to read coverage.


Projected Round: 2

Four-year starter, a lefty who can sling and whip the ball all over the field. Can, and will try, to make every throw. Excellent deep ball accuracy and trajectory, very catchable. Has a clean motion when his feet are lined up and plays the game with confidence and swagger that translates to his teammates. Will make plays with his legs and will make fast tuck and go decisions to pick up the sure yards. Too many wide misses on simple throws where he rushes through his lower body mechanics. Injury history may affect his draft status.