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San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart
HC: Chip Kelly | OC: | DC: | ST: Derus Swinton
Updated: 02/03/2016 6:07PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 81 BOLDIN, ANQUAN T/Bal 11 Patton, Quinton 13/4 10 Ellington, Bruce 14/4 6 Anderson, Dres CF15  
RWR 82 Smith, Torrey U/Bal 18 White, DeAndrew CF15 14 SIMPSON, JEROME SF15    
LT 74 STALEY, JOE 07/1        
LG 75 Boone, Alex CF09 62 Silberman, Ian 15/6 60 Thomas, Brandon 14/3    
C 67 Kilgore, Daniel 11/5 66 Martin, Marcus 14/3      
RG 61 Tiller, Andrew SF14 69 Devey, Jordan T/NE      
RT 77 Brown, Trent 15/7 71 PEARS, ERIK U/Buf      
TE 89 McDonald, Vance 13/2 84 Bell, Blake 15/4 46 Leonhardt, Brian SF15 88 Celek, Garrett CF12 48 Anderson, Rory 15/7
TE         87 Hamm, Je'Ron W/Was
QB 7 Kaepernick, Colin 11/2 2 Gabbert, Blaine T/Jax 13 Thompson, Dylan CF15    
FB 49 Miller, Bruce 11/7        
RB 28 Hyde, Carlos 14/2 23 BUSH, REGGIE CC/Det 32 Harris, DuJuan P/Bal 20 Davis, Mike 15/4 38 Hayne, Jarryd SF15
RB       40 Gaskins, Kendall SF14 24 Draughn, Shaun SF15
LDT 90 DORSEY, GLENN U/KC 63 Jerod-Eddie, Tony CF12 69 Armstead, Arik 15/1    
NT 93 Williams, Ian CF11 64 Purcell, Mike CF13      
RDT 92 Dial, Quinton 13/5 95 Carradine, Tank 13/2      
LOLB 55 BROOKS, AHMAD W/Cin 96 Lemonier, Corey 13/3      
RILB 53 Bowman, NaVorro 10/3 56 Skov, Shayne CF14 51 BISHOP, DESMOND SF14    
LILB 51 Hodges, Gerald T/Min 57 Wilhoite, Michael CF11 50 Bellore, Nick U/NYJ    
ROLB 59 Lynch, Aaron 14/5 58 Harold, Eli 15/3 54 Armstrong, Ray Ray W/Oak    
LCB 26 Brock, Tramaine CF10 36 Johnson, Dontae 14/4 43 Davis, Chris SF15    
SS 41 BETHEA, ANTOINE U/Ind 29 Tartt, Jaquiski 15/2      
FS 35 Reid, Eric 13/1 25 Ward, Jimmie 14/1 31 McCray, LJ CF14    
RCB 20 Acker, Kenneth 14/6 27 Reaser, Keith 14/5 47 Cromartie, Marcus SF14    
Special Teams
P 5 Pinion, Bradley 15/5        
PK 9 DAWSON, PHIL U/Cle        
LS 86 Nelson, Kyle SF14        
H 5 Pinion, Bradley 15/5        
PR 10 Ellington, Bruce 14/4 18 White, DeAndrew CF15      
KR 10 Ellington, Bruce 14/4 18 White, DeAndrew CF15      
KO 9 DAWSON, PHIL U/Cle        
RES 15 Smelter, DeAndre NFI        
FUT 19 Campbell, DiAndre Fut/WR 68 Ramsey, Kaleb Fut/DT 65 Smith, Garrison Fut/DE 00 Acosta, Corey Fut/PK 45 Rush, Marcus Fut/OB
FUT 00 Kelly, Colin Fut/OT 00 Rogers, Eric Fut/WR      

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before CARLOS HYDE made the San Francisco 49ers' depth chart: Ohio State, 5117 230 4.61. Two-year starter. Urban Meyer’s first 1000-yard back. Runs with a jackhammer type attitude. He’s the hammer and the tackler is the nail. Runs with his shoulder pads over his toes. Can break the tackle of an unblocked defender in the backfield. A determined runner who can run through tackles. Will slam into the tackler and spin out for a positive gain. Tough to tackle one-on-one in space. He doesn’t go down with shoulder hits. A big downhill ball control running back who is tough and durable. Good contact balance. A good lead blocker for Braxton Miller as well as a solid pass protector that attacks the blitzer. Patient, powerful, and strong as an inside runner. Good vision and cutting ability. Can slide and burst off a defender’s tackle attempt. A workhorse North/South type back. Finishes his runs with strength. Has not taken many hits over his career with under 400 carries. Has some off field maturity issues and needs more consistency in his overall game. Lacks downfield shake and bake. 2013 stats: 1521 yds, 7.3 ypc, 15 TD, 16 rec, 147 yds, 3 TD. OSR:24/36. Second/third round. (A-32, H-9 5/8, BP-19, SS-DNP).

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