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San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart
HC: Jim Tomsula | OC: Geep Chryst | DC: Eric Mangini | ST:
Updated: 04/14/2015 5:50PM ET
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
LWR 82 Smith, Torrey U/Bal 11 Patton, Quinton 13/4 19 Holliday, Trindon SF14 18 Lewis, Lance SF14  
RWR 81 BOLDIN, ANQUAN T/Bal 10 Ellington, Bruce 14/4 17 Jacobs, Chuck CF13 00 Simpson, Jerome SF15  
LT 74 STALEY, JOE 07/1 72 Martin, Chris SF14      
LG 60 Thomas, Brandon 14/3        
C 66 Martin, Marcus 14/3 67 Kilgore, Daniel 11/5 56 Farrell, Dillon CF14    
RG 75 Boone, Alex CF09 78 Looney, Joe 12/4 68 Tiller, Andrew SF14    
RT 76 Davis, Anthony 10/1 00 PEARS, ERIK U/Buf 62 Fonoti, Fou CF14    
TE 85 DAVIS, VERNON 06/1 89 McDonald, Vance 13/2 45 Cleveland, Asante CF14 46 Carrier, Derek SF13 88 Celek, Garrett CF12
TE         83 Grimble, Xavier SF14
QB 7 Kaepernick, Colin 11/2 2 Gabbert, Blaine T/Jax      
FB 49 Miller, Bruce 11/7 33 Millard, Trey 14/7      
RB 28 Hyde, Carlos 14/2 24 BUSH, REGGIE CC/Det 32 Hunter, Kendall 11/4 40 Gaskins, Kendall SF14 28 Tanner, Phillip SF14
LDT 63 Jerod-Eddie, Tony CF12 95 Carradine, Tank 13/2 60 Ramsey, Kaleb 14/7    
NT 93 Williams, Ian CF11 90 Dorsey, Glenn U/KC 92 Dial, Quinton 13/5 64 Purcell, Mike CF13  
RDT 94 SMITH, JUSTIN U/Cin 00 DOCKETT, DARNELL CC/Arz 98 Okoye, Lawrence CF13 68 Smith, Garrison SF14  
LOLB 59 Lynch, Aaron 14/5 55 BROOKS, AHMAD W/Cin      
RILB 53 Bowman, NaVorro 10/3 57 Wilhoite, Michael CF11 48 Skov, Shayne SF14    
LILB 54 Moody, Nick 13/6 44 BISHOP, DESMOND SF14 00 Bellore, Nick U/NYJ 58 Thomas, Chase SF14  
ROLB 99 Smith, Aldon 11/1 96 Lemonier, Corey 13/3      
LCB 26 Brock, Tramaine CF10 22 Cook, Chris U/Min 47 Cromartie, Marcus SF14 27 Reaser, Keith 14/5  
SS 41 BETHEA, ANTOINE U/Ind 43 Dahl, Craig U/SL      
FS 35 Reid, Eric 13/1 25 Ward, Jimmie 14/1 31 McCray, LJ CF14    
RCB 00 Wright, Shareece U/SD 36 Johnson, Dontae 14/4 30 McFadden, Leon SF14 24 Acker, Kenneth 14/6  
Special Teams
P 4 LEE, ANDY 04/6        
PK 9 DAWSON, PHIL U/Cle        
LS 86 Nelson, Kyle SF14        
H 4 LEE, ANDY 04/6        
PR 10 Ellington, Bruce 14/4 19 Holliday, Trindon SF14      
KR 10 Ellington, Bruce 14/4 28 Hyde, Carlos 14/2 19 Holliday, Trindon SF14 00 Hayne, Jarryd SF15  
KO 9 DAWSON, PHIL U/Cle        
RET 52 WILLIS, PATRICK RET 50 Borland, Chris RET      
Free Agents / Cap Casualties

DEPTH CHARTS FEATURE - What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said before COLIN KAEPERNICK made the San Francisco 49ers' depth chart: Nevada, 6045 225 4.53. Four-year starter who has been productive with his arm and legs over his career. Impressive mobility and deep ball accuracy. A good athlete who can make all the NFL throws. Has a good pocket presence to move and slide away from pressure. He ran the Pistol offense that was developed by his head coach, Chris Ault. The quarterback is closer to the line of scrimmage (4 yds) than a true shotgun formation (6-7 yds). The running back lines up 3 yards behind the quarterback. This formation was developed to add power and an option running game to the spread offense. The Steelers used some Pistol concepts with Ben Roethlisberger in 2010 after Ben broke his foot. Kansas City, Miami, and Detroit also dabbled with the Pistol offense. Kaepernick is a hard working self-motivated athlete who will work in and off season to develop into an NFL quarterback. Throws ¾ arm with a long motion. Good accuracy short, medium, and long. Extends the play to let the play develop. Can gun the 10-yard out from the opposite hash mark. Productive in his career with over 10,000 yards passing and over 4000 yards rushing. In 2010 he had 20 passing TDs and 20 rushing TDs. Outstanding competitor who is a long strider. Stands tall in the pocket. Makes up for his long delivery with ball velocity and quickness. A game changing dynamic performer who is an ascending player. Ball velocity 59 mph. OSR:5/ 18. Second/third round. (A-33 3/4, H-9 5/8, SS-4.18, VJ-32.5).

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