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Updated: 03/26/2014 8:18PM ET

PickTeamPlayerPos.SchoolHTWT40 Time
Round 1
Blake Bortles*QB
Central Florida 
Houston will be taking calls to trade down. New coach Billl O'Brien worked for years with George O'Leary Bortles head coach at Central Florida. Jadeveon Clowney is still in the running for the Texans. He may grow up and be all he can be playing opposite JJ Watt. Bortles is a prototype drop back NFL quarterback. He stands tall in the pocket and was the game manager in a run based offensive scheme. He ranked 21st in the country in total offense with 296.4 yards per game. He completed 67.8% of his passes and averaged 9.4 yards per attempt. Hand: 9 3/8".

NEEDS: QB,OT,S Selections: 7 1/1, 2/33, 3/65, 4, 5, 6, 7
St. Louis  f/Wash
Jake MatthewsLOT
Texas A&M 
Jeff Fisher knows all about the Matthews bloodlines. He may still get Jake after a trade with the Browns (If there is a deal to be done) or his consolation prize may be Greg Robinson.Jake Matthews started and finished his senior year as the top left tackle prospect in the 2014 Draft. Plays strong and stout with good knee bend and leverage. Good use of hands and is diligent in his blocking technique. Bench Press: 24/225 Arm length: 33 3/8" HAND: 9 7/8" .

NEEDS: LOT,S,WR,CB Selections: 8 1/2 (f/WAS), 1/13, 2/44, 3/75, 4, 5, 6, 7
Jadeveon Clowney*DE
South Carolina 
Gus Bradley comes from the Pete Carroll school of pass rusher university. The Jaguars think they can get their QB at 2/39. Physically, Jadeveon Clowney can come off the edge like he has a hornets nest in his britches and must be game planned for. He looks like the prototype NFL defensive end from his long athletic build to his Chinese dragon arm length. If only his flashes were graded you would think he was from another planet. But the whole film is graded and you rarely get the production his physical gifts warrant. Made many plays when he was unblocked. He was on a play count most of the year because of injury. Has an explosive arm-over move that you seldom see. Can completely dominate a portion of a game or can be walled off by a tight end. Maturity is a question mark. His 40 tackles, 3 sacks, and 11.5 tackles for loss are underachieving for the rare talent. ARM: 34 1/2 ", Hand: 10 "

NEEDS: QB,DE,OT,LOG,C Selections: 10 1/3, 2/39, 3/70, 4, 4 (f/BAL), 5, 5 (f/DET), 5 (f/BAL), 6, 7
Teddy Bridgewater*QB
Teddy Bridgewater is an accurate (71% in 2013) and clutch quarterback who makes good decisions.Runs more of a traditional West Coast offense where the team huddles. Climbs the pocket well while keeping his eyes down the field. Good athlete who is smooth and consistent. Quick release. Is accurate with his back shoulder throws. Lays the ball out for his receiver. Good touch and feel. Throws his receivers open. Good ball placement to receivers on blitzes. Will take what is there in the pass game. Uses his check downs and outlet receivers as needed. A good package of tangible and intangible assets.Hand size: 9 1/4 ". Downside: Slender build for durability purposes. Competition level in college was average.

NEEDS:QB,RB,OG,WR,IB,S Selections: 10 1/4, 1/26 (f/IND), 2/35, 3/71, 3/83 (f/PIT), 4, 4 (f/IND), 5, 6, 7
Sammy Watkins*WR
Sammy Watkins leaves evaluators at a loss for descriptive adjectives. A competitive and explosive hand catcher who will reach and extend to catch a ball at the high point. He can freeze a defender’s feet, then accelerate by them. A double move magician. He can win in transition and separate against the best corners. Explosive on kickoff returns. ARM: 32", Hand: 9 5/8.

NEEDS:QB,RB,LOG,DE Selections: 7 1/5, 2/36, 3/67, 4, 6, 7, 7 (f/ARZ)
Greg Robinson*LOT
The Falcons need a pass rusher and all the offensive linemen they can collect in this draft. A tightend would be nice too! Look for Atlanta to make an aggressive move to go up & get Jadeveon Clowney. Greg Robinson, a declared junior, emerged as one of the draft’s top left tackle prospects during Auburn’s national championship run. Athletic with good lateral quickness to cut off the inside go. Can stone a bull rush. Powerful on down blocks. Locks out his long arms on a pass rusher’s breast plate, carrying them up the field. ARM Length: 35", HAND: 10 ". Bench Press: 32/225,

NEEDS:DE/PR,OT,TE Selections: 7 1/6, 2/37, 3/68, 4, 5, 6, 7
Tampa Bay 
Taylor LewanOT
The Bucs have four selections & must make everyone count. A trade down is a possibility for more picks. Taylor Lewan elevated his game as a left tackle in 2014. He can set the edge with his lateral quickness and hook the defensive end. Positions and dominates the defender. A big man with a thick lower body. Good feet in space as a puller or can road grade as a base blocker. ARM Length: 33 7/8 " HAND: 9 1/4" Bench Press: 29/225

NEEDS: DE,OT,LOG,TE Selections: 5 1/7, 2/38, 4, 5, 7
Johnny Manziel*QB
Texas A&M 
The Vikings need a QB.( Looks like Christian Ponder is more of a backup,) A defensive end,a safety to play next to Harrison Smith another linebacker. Johnny Manziel has innate running and passing instincts as well as a feel for the pass rush. He completed 73% of his passes from the pocket, best among quarterbacks from BCS automatic qualifier conferences. Only one first round quarterback had a better down the field throwing percentage than Manziels, 48% of passes 25 yards or longer in the past three years – that was Robert Griffin III. Despite his lack of height, he only had 12 of 864 passes batted down. Teams that missed the boat on Russell Wilson because of measurables will be giving Manziel the once over twice. Maturity a question. Hand size: 9 7/8"

NEEDS:QB,DE,CB,OG Selections:8 1/8, 2/40, 3/72, 3/96 (f/SEA), 4, 5, 6, 7
Khalil MackOLB
Mack can widen out and bring it. His versatility as a hand-in-the-dirt pass rusher or a standup outside linebacker helps his stock. He features an explosive and sudden first step when rushing the passer. For the past four years he has been a disruptive playmaker despite teams’ accounting for him on every play. He led the Bulls with 100 tackles, 19 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks, 3 interceptions, 10 passes defended, and 5 forced fumbles. ARM: 33 1/4", HAND: 10 1/4".

NEEDS: OT,OG,S,DE/PR Selections: 7 1/9, 2/41, 3/73, 4, 5, 6, 7
Justin GilbertCB
Oklahoma State 
Gilbert is a rangy long armed playmaker that also doubles as a dynamic kick return specialist. He is a good sized corner who is always in position to make a play on the ball. Can turn and run with good hip flexibility or stick his foot in the ground and drive on the ball carrier in front of him. Good hands to pluck the interception or return kicks. Will miss tackles with just a shoulder hit at times.

NEEDS: CB,WR,C, Selections: 6 1/10, 2/45, 3/76, 4, 6, 7
Anthony BarrOLB/P
The Titans need to generate a pass rush in their new 3-4 scheme and Ray Horton knows just what to do with the explosive and productive Anthony Barr by widening him out and turning him loose. He is one of those productive athletes that are fun to scout. He elevated his overall game despite pass protections set his way. The rangy scheme diverse linebacker plays low with good knee bend and hip flexibility. Almost impossible to hook with his long arms, lateral agility, and good athletic ability. Can run down plays from the backside. Barr collected 65 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, 10 sacks, and 5 forced fumbles in 2013. ARM: 33 1/2 " HAND: 9 3/8".

NEEDS: OLB/PR, S,QB,OT Selections: 6 1/11, 2/42, 4, 5, 6, 7
New York 
Darqueze DennardCB
Michigan State 
Darqueze is a plugin and play man-to-man defender. He is a physical corner in coverage and on run support. Reroutes receivers and keeps position on them. Has a closing burst when called on to blitz. An aggressive wrap tackler who is smart and instinctive.

NEEDS:LB,CB,OG, Selections: 6 1/12, 2/43, 3/74, 4, 5, 6
St. Louis 
Calvin Pryor*FS
This selection is contingent on what happens at 2. HaHa Clinton-Dix may be higher on the Rams board. If Justin Gilbert or Darqueze Dennard falls here this pair is in the mix. A receiver can't be ruled out but with the depth at WR the Rams may get theirs at 2/44. Pryor is a physical safety who breaks quickly on the ball and punishes the ball carrier when he arrives. Second leading tackler on the team with 75 stops.

NEEDS: LOT,S,WR,CB Selections 8 1/2 (f/WAS), 1/13, 2/44, 3/75, 4, 5, 6, 7
Louis Nix III*DT/NT
Notre Dame 
The Bears must gum up the inside running lanes and Louis Nix III is just the guy to do it. Did you ever try to move an Oak tree that's deeply rooted? He can dig in.He has the talent to be the next Vince Wilfork. Stout at the point of attack. Gets push up the middle as a pass rusher. Explosive space occupier who absorbs blockers and keeps his linebackers free. Disruptive enough to force plays deep. Gets his hands up in the throwing lane. Quick off the ball and locks out and sheds. Finishes plays.ARM: 33", HAND: 9 7/8".

NEEDS:DT,S,OC,OG Selections: 7 1/14, 2/51, 3/82, 4, 5, 6 (f/TB), 6
HaHa Clinton-Dix*FS
If either of the top two corners fall here or Calvin Pryor if he is rated higher, the Steelers will address their secondary's age. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is athletic enough and by scheme design does not let a receiver get on top of him. As the last line of defense, he lines up at 10-12 yards deep. Keeps good position on receiver and jumps a ball carrier once he crosses the line of scrimmage. Reads things quickly. Good ball skills and has the range of a center fielder.

NEEDS:S,CB, OT Selections: 6 1/15, 2/46, 4, 5, 6, 7
Aaron DonaldDT
Aaron Donald is a scheme specific 4-3 under-tackle who explodes off the ball and is a slippery leverage player. Long arms to bat down passes. Works hard every play from snap to whistle. Always puts in a good day’s work. Good flexibility to dip and bend. Won the defensive player of the year sweepstakes collecting the Bednarik, Lombardi, Outland Trophy, and Nagurski Awards. Was unanimous All-America plus ACC Defensive Player of the Year.

NEEDS: DE/PR,CB,S,DT SELECTIONS: 8 1/16, 2/47, 3/78, 4, 5, 7 (f/CHI), 7, 7 (f/KC)
Zack MartinOG/OT
Notre Dame 
The Ravens need help at center, guard and tackle. Martin fills one of the three positions. He projects inside from left tackle. He will get a chance to play on the edge first because he uses his hands well and is an efficient pass protector. Intense and focused. Good body control and balance. The WR position is rich this year so Ozzie grabs one at 2/48. ARM Length: 32 7/8" HAND: 9 1/2", Bench Press: 23/225

NEEDS: WR,OT,CB,S SELECTIONS: 4 1/17, 2/48, 3/79, 6
New York 
Mike Evans*WR
Texas A&M 
The Jets need to beef up their offensive skilled positions to help Geno Smith succeed. Marqise Lee is a consideration as is multi-purpose Eric Ebron. Mike Evans is a big athletic target who will reach and extend for high passes and out jumps most defensive backs. Averaged 20.2 yards per catch on his 69 catches. Tough to jam at the line of scrimmage because of size and strength. ARM: 35 1/8", 9 5/8" BP: - 12 reps.

NEEDS: WR,TE,OG,CB SELECTIONS: 9 1/18, 2/49, 3/69 (f/TB), 3/80, 4 (f/TB), 4, 5, 6, 7
Tim Jernigan*DT
Florida State 
One of the top offensive linemen will be drafted here if they fall to the Dolphins. Timmy Jernigan is an inside running lane road block. Top level inside instincts and agility. Good lateral quickness and hand use to stack and shed head-on running plays. Plays low and with leverage to hold his ground. A one-gap disruptive penetrator.

NEEDS: OT,OG,RB,DT,CB SELECTIONS: 7 1/19, 2/50, 3/81, 4, 5, 6, 7
Trent MurphyOLB
Cardinals need OT's, a CB and a pass rushing OLB. Murphy is a native of Mesa, Arizona and may be moving back. He is a productive multiple position player who has a lethal inside rip move. He’s planted more than one quarterback after shedding the block and closing on his target. Combines instincts and intensity to rush the passer. A versatile defender who is quick off the ball, explosive, and relentless. Murphy totaled 62 tackles, 23.5 tackles for loss (147 yards), 15 sacks (119 yards), 7 quarterback hurries, and 7 passes defended. ARM: 33 7/8", HAND: 11 1/8".

NEEDS: OT,CB,OLB/PR ,TE SELECTIONS: 6 1/20, 2/52, 3/84, 4, 5, 6
Green Bay 
Eric Ebron*TE
North Carolina 
The Packers will also consider the top safeties if any are available. Eric Ebron fills a major need as a receiver and a TE.He lines up wide or in the slot and can beat coverage with strength, athleticism, and quickness. He is equally as skilled catching a screen, crosser, or vertical route. ARM: 33 1/4, HAND: 10", BP 24 Reps.

NEEDS: TE,S,OLB SELECTIONS: 7 1/21, 2/53, 3/85, 4, 5, 6, 7
Deone BucannonSS
Washington State 
Chip Kelly goes back to the PAC 12 for another productive player. Bucannon led the Pac-12 in tackles with 109. A physical run-through tackler who added 5 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, and 4.5 tackles for loss to his resume` this year. Plays the ball well down the field with range and good ball skills. Will be in the running for the top strong safety in the 2014 draft. Smart, versatile, tough, and motivated. Supports the run like a wrecking ball slamming into a building. He is not only a hitter but a wrap up tackler. Has the feet and flexibility to run with tight ends and backs. Collected 15 interceptions in his career.

NEEDS:S, OLB,CB, WR SELECTIONS :7 1/22, 2/54, 3/86, 4, 5, 5 (f/NE), 7
Kansas City 
Kelvin Benjamin*WR
Florida State 
Benjamin is a 2- for- 1 receiver that can be used as a TE as well as a WR. A big physical target who is not easy to tackle. Smooth for a big man. A long strider that picks up speed as he goes down the field. Basically a one-year starter who caught 30 passes as a redshirt freshman in 2012. He played in a five-receiver rotation. Not a nifty-footed receiver, but a powerful one. Can make the tough overhead catch by tracking the ball. Adjusts well to a poorly thrown pass. Can make the great catch or miss a routine ball. Inconsistent hand catcher and route runner. Does not catch the ball cleanly. ARM: 34 7/8", HAND: 10 1/4", BP - 13

NEEDS: TE, WR,ILB SELECTIONS: 6 1/23, 3/87, 4, 5, 6 (f/DAL), 6
Kyle FullerCB
Virginia Tech 
Kyle Fuller takes a direct line to the ball with no false steps. Athletic, confident, and competitive. Good football instincts and body control. Defended 12 passes despite missing 5 games with a torn groin muscle. Good feet and short area quickness. Sudden to read and react.

NEEDS: CB,OLB and safety SELECTIONS : 7 1/24, 2/55, 3/88, 4, 5, 6, 7
San Diego 
Jason VerrettCB
San Diego will also look at a guard, OLB, and a tightend. Jason Verrett is a quick-footed nickel corner who can play outside. Confident and disciplined in his play. A good athlete with timing, quickness, and hip flexibility. A fearless competitor with the ball in the air or in run support.

NEEDS:CB,OLB,OG,TE SELECTIONS:7 1/25, 2/57, 3/89, 4, 5, 6, 7
Cleveland  f/IND
Marqise Lee*WR
What happens at #4 determines pick 26. If Lee is there this will be a steal of epic porportions. Don't let the fall of 2013 put you to sleep on this human highlight film. Marqise Lee was nicked up in 2013 but flashed glimpses of his previous two highlight reel years at Southern Cal. Sudden quickness out of his breaks. Competitive at the ball. Has elite speed to run by corners on deep vertical routes. Explosive kickoff return specialist averaging 28.5 yards per return. He owns or shares 22 USC records. ARM: 31 3/4 ", HAND: 9 1/2".

NEEDS: QB,RB,OG,WR,IB and safety. SELECTIONS: 10 1/4, 1/26 (f/IND), 2/35, 3/71, 3/83 (f/PIT), 4, 4 (f/IND), 5, 6, 7
New Orleans 
CJ MosleyIB
CJ Mosley was the Butkus Award winner as the top linebacker in the country. Has good timing as an “A” gap blitzer. Disruptive and explosive. Instinctive with good lateral agility. A sideline to sideline productive player. Led the Tide with 108 tackles, including 9 tackles for loss. A four down linebacker – plays run, covers the pass, and plays special teams. The only stickey wicket is an injury history that may knock Mosley out of the 1st round.. ARM: 33 3/8", HAND: 10 3/4"

NEEDS: IB, OLB Pass rusher,OT, safety, TE SELECTIONS: 6 1/27, 2/59, 3/91, 4, 5, 6
Odell B eckham Jr.*WR
Beckham is not only a feature receiver, but a game changing fearless kick returner as well. Averaged a salty 19.5 yards per catch on his 59 receptions and tallied 8 touchdowns. Aggressive going after the ball. Will lay out for an off-target pass. A good route runner who has a physical edge to his game. Runs sharp and crisp routes. Can shake a defender in the open field after a catch. Will run and catch a short pattern into the teeth of a defense. Good ball skills down the field competing for the ball.

NEEDS:WR,CB,LOT,DE SELECTIONS: 7 1/28, 2/60, 3/92, 4, 5, 6, 7 (f/NYG)
New England 
Stephon Tuitt*DE
Notre Dame 
Tuitt only falls here because of a fractured foot.He should draw two blockers which will help free up others that are single blocked.If he draws a single block our money's on Tuitt to beat the blocker. He can also play down inside.He is a country strong versatile 4-3 or 3-4 tackle or end. Sets the edge with technique and guile. Can press the pocket as a pass rusher then make the quarterback throw out of the well by getting his long arms up. Hustles and takes good downfield angles in pursuit. Can stack the line of scrimmage and force the ball to bounce. Recorded 49 tackles, 9 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks, and 13 quarterback hurries. ARM: 34 3/4", HAND: 10"

NEEDS: DT,OG,C,TE SELECTIONS: 7 1/29, 2/62, 3/93, 4, 6 (f/PHI), 6, 7
San Francisco 
Brandin Cooks*WR
Oregon State 
How do the 49ers attack Seattle's big secondary? With quickness & guile. Cooks was the explosive 2013 Fred Biletnikoff winner as the country’s best receiver. Has a lot of Carolina’s Steve Smith in him. A gritty receiver who has good hands and quick feet. A strong route runner with good vision. Explosive upfield burst on jailbreak screens. Beats the first tackler on a regular basis. An aggressive receiver with strong hands. Catches the ball in tight quarters and is not afraid to go over the middle. Gets open in man-to-man coverage. Competitive and athletic after the catch. Makes defenders miss. Tough to cover in the slot.

NEEDS: WR,CB,DT,C SELECTIONS: 11 1/30, 2/56 (f/KC), 2/61, 3/77 (f/TEN), 3/94, 4, 5, 6, 7 (f/NO), 7 (f/CAR), 7
Antonio RichardsonROT
Richardson is a wide-bodied left tackle who projects to the right side. “Tiny” plays with a good base and is stout at the point of attack. Plays on his feet. Can pull and block a corner in space. Sits down and moves his feet in pass pro. Athletic for a massive man. A mauler that can engulf a defensive end. Can anchor when he plays low and bends his knees. Has tools to play a long time if he fine-tunes his overall game.

NEEDS:ROT,CB,DE,DT SELECTIONS: 7 1/31, 2/63, 3/95, 4, 5, 6, 7
Xavier Su'a-Filo*OG
A junior who has experience at both tackle and guard. Strong punch to the breast plate. Quick, aggressive, and physical in his play. Good lateral quickness to position the defensive end. Good feet and athletic ability in pass protection. Strong and explosive in his play. Keeps his hands inside the frame. Can play flat-footed with good ankle and hip flexibility. Strong enough to anchor a bull rush. ARM Length: 33 3/8" HAND: 9 3/8", Bench Press: 25/225

NEEDS: WR,ROG,ROT,TE,DE SELECTIONS: 7 1/32, 2/64, 4, 5 (f/OAK), 5, 6, 7
Round 2
Bradley RobyCB
Ohio State 
Three-year starter. Missed the 2014 Orange Bowl with a knee injury. Best asset is his big time speed and athletic ability. Can be disruptive with corner blitzes. Recorded 13 pass breakups, 3 interceptions, and blocked two punts in 2013. Ball clubs will be enticed by his speed and athletic ability. Injury history. Questionable ball and visual skills.

NEEDS: CB,WR,IB,OG,OT,DE SELECTIONS: 6 2/34,3/66,4,5,6,7
Jaylen Watkins*CB
Started 28 games at Florida, splitting time between safety and corner. Was the team’s third leading tackler with 52. Older brother of Clemson star, Sammy Watkins. Fluid turning ability and good hip flexibility. Good foot quickness and change of direction. A good athlete who can run. Demonstrates good closing and catch up speed. Experienced in man-to-man coverage. Not afraid to wrap tackle.

NEEDS: CB,LB,WR,OG,Safety, SELECTIONS: 6 2/58, 3/90, 5,6 (f/PHI) 6,7 .
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